Thursday, November 20, 2008

We are the Champions!

OK, so this news is rather old, but things have been crazy around here lately!
Way back on the 24th of October I took Da Vinci out to the Rangiora A&P show - just for some mileage and to get him used to the atmosphere and whatnot. He was awesome, warming up with all the horses around and not fussed by all the distractions. That was enough for me, but as a bonus we won or were placed in all our classes and came away with the Champion Novice Saddle Hunter title! Not bad for us non-showies.
Since then we have been head down tail up with lots of training and a unique social event known to us Cantabrians as 'Cup & Show Week'. In that single week I hosted a clinic with my Melbourne based trainer, Manu McLean, had drinks for all my sponsors and supporters, went to the CatWalk Trust 'Up & Away' Ball - the best night out I've had in years with the bonus of being part of a group that raised $214 000 for Spinal Cord Research. On Friday I attended the show briefly to see some friends riding and see the amazing Bailey Family take out the Supreme Pony AND the Supreme Horse title - AGAIN... Saturday found us rail side at the Riccarton Racecourse with some close friends, enjoying all the best Canterbury has to offer - good food, wine, great weather and some superb entertainment. And on Sunday I had two lessons with Bill Noble. Needless to say I wasn't quite at my best and he was less than impressed.
You know I have been writing a lot about our successes and all the good times it is sometimes easy to forget the effort and sacrifices that are made for that. There are plenty of early starts, mundane tasks, physical effort and financial & social sacrifice. Nearly as many wonderful moments in the saddle are balanced out by disappointments or plateus in training. I am lucky to have the support of a great family and friends to help me along when things get tough and I find that just when I wonder if I can, I'll have that perfect 'moment' and it is all worthwhile.
Anyway I'm going to leave you with that - I've got a show at the weekend and plenty to do. You know, the rest of my family are away at school camp so I'm home alone. At the moment it is nearly 2pm and I haven't ridden yet! Someone needs to give me a kick in the pants...